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Silver-AFC-Proof-Finish-900 AFC Wallet AFRICOIN-Investor anubis1 anubis1 anubis5 anubis1 anubis1

AfriCoin Investor


Includes your AfriCoin Wallet

and a purchase reward of:

120.00000000 AFC

AfriCoin Merchandise

Each watch is custom made. Allow 4 - 5 weeks for delivery.

Pool Hash Rate: 11.7 GH/s


AfriCoin is a peer-to-peer Internet digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. AfriCoin is based on the Bitcoin protocol with the following operational changes:


1. AfriCoin (AFC) has a maximum coin production of 17 million coins; making AFC more rare than Bitcoin.


2. AfriCoin (AFC) is the first to launch a coin with an ICO - Initial Coin Offering. This roll out feature allows 120 days for early adopters to acquire coins while strengthening and securing the AFC blockchain and network. (ICO has completed and watches will sell until inventory is sold out) 


3. The AfriCoin ICO features a limited edition, promotional “Investor Series” wristwatch. A Seiko movement timepiece cost $120.00 and it’s purchase generates a special coupon that rewards the buyer with 120 AFC. This watch is special because there are only 500 of them made with the AfriCoin logo; and the serial numbers on each watch is connected to an exclusive AfriCoin wallet address. This makes for a very unique product because it’s the first watch in the world, whereby it’s value will rise with the performance of a crypto-currency.



If you spend the coins connected to your watch wallet, you will diminish the value of the watch proportionately. However, because there are only 500 in existence, you will still be able to sell it for a profit. How much will depend on the market place for which it sells.  


4. During the 120 day AfriCoin ICO, a special AFC “Mining Client link,” will be provided to purchasers of our $120.00 AfriCoin “Investor Series” wristwatch. The AfriCoin Mining Client will be released to the general public after the 120 day roll out is completed. The starting AfriCoin mining prize is 50 AFC and will give ICO investors a head start on mining the Diamond of Crypto-Currency!



For all of you crypto-miners that missed the Bitcoin boat, no need to sell your gear! AfriCoin uses the same mining technology used to mine Bitcoin. Get in on the “Investor Series” roll out and see many 50 AFC prizes with a single ASIC miner! The 120 day head start on mining will reward you greatly, when this coin reaches for the stars!

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